Our pricing is straightforward. Complicated licensing agreements or printing packages are expensive for you and difficult for us to manage, so with a few exceptions, we don’t do them. Our pricing packages provide you with a CD or DVD of high-resolution, edited images that you are free to use and print as you see fit. We only ask that you do not resell them without prior agreement. Please see copyright and licensing at the bottom of this page.

Personal, portrait and headshots

Includes extended image license.

Half day £150
Full day £300

Corporate, Events, Commercial and PR

Corporate Day rate
includes extended image license
Events, up to 4 hours
includes extended image license
Food and Product photography Please call us for a quote.
Fashion Shoots Day rate £600

Editing and post processing services

All our packages include basic image processing as standard. Capturing the images is only the start – to get professional images, your images need to be colour balanced and manipulated so you and your products look their best. There is a real art to this and we take our time to ensure that each image is perfect. Conversion to black and white, masking, toning and manipulation is extra and we can provide a quote for your specific needs.

We can also provide image editing services separately, including re-touching and “air-brushing”.

Image processing per hour: £35

Printing and DVD Slideshows

We can print your images on high gloss, semi-gloss, matt or archival fine art paper and can also provide images mounted and/or framed in high quality wood or metal frames in a wide variety of colours and finishes.

4×6 5×7 8×10 16×20
Satin Matt or gloss £2.50 £3.50 £4.75 £15.50
Super Gloss or Archival Matt Art Paper £3.50 £4.20 £6.50 £25.00

Larger sizes, bulk printing and framing prices on request.

DVD Writing: £3 per DVD

DVD Slideshow: £15

Travel Expenses

Location shoots include travel within Essex and Cambridgeshire. Elsewhere in the UK we charge per mile, plus parking, congestion charges and accommodation where required. We will inform you of any costs when you book.

Copyright and licensing

In general, our licensing terms are very open and flexible. We retain a limited copyright on the images we take (so we can show them in our portfolios, for example), however, our extended image license transfers to you an exclusive, worldwide right to the images you commission. You can use them to sell your products and services in any medium for any amount of time, or print them and display them as you like.

You cannot, however, sell the images as stock or editorial or use them on products that you wish to sell. Those uses carry alternative licensing arrangements that we can discuss with you on request.

Images commissioned for newspaper, magazine and editorial use are also subject to alternative licensing arrangements.